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Welcome to Seventh Wave Laboratories

Seventh Wave Laboratories represent a unique alternative in the fast-paced world of preclinical drug development. By integrating PK/ADME, Bioanalysis, Toxicology, and Pathology, our organization affords the client a multi-disciplinary environment that accelerates their program with focused strategy and execution.

Our Consulting Services operate as an extension of the client’s project team. Our approach is to work with project teams to design and execute a preclinical development program in order to meet the needs of the project.

Our expertise in nonclinical development emphasizes:

Our Laboratory Services provide preclinical pharmacokinetic (PK) and pharmacodynamic (PD) screening in a variety of animal species, in vitro metabolism, pharmacology model development and evaluation, assessment of spontaneous and induced disease models, PK/PD/TK data analysis, dynamic dissolution testing, and pathology and safety evaluations through the capabilities of our in vivo, bioanalytical and histology laboratories.

Our exploratory preclinical safety evaluation approach identifies dose/exposure relationships for tolerability, as well as identification of organs and/or systems susceptible to adverse pharmacology or toxicology. The goal is to identify potential flaws in novel pharmaceutical compounds that limit their development prior to investment of significant time, dollars, and unnecessary animal use.

To successfully meet this goal, Seventh Wave actively integrates preclinical drug disposition (ADME and PK/PD), toxicology, and pathology data to streamline decision making and increase the probability of technical success for a clinical candidate. This integration provides early characterization and optimization of the biochemical, biopharmaceutical and toxicologic properties of clinical candidates allowing more accurate predictions of dose-effect relationships in humans.